Specialists, Inc.

Opening Specialists brings to the construction industry the experience and technical knowledge necessary to assist in the development, construction and maintenance of the access points to new and existing facilities.

We specialize in designing, supplying, and servicing the doors, frames, and related hardware which make up the operable openings in a building.

The openings must meet an owner's requirements for aesthetic appeal, be cost effective during the life of the facility, provide adequate security to the perimeter of the building and to interior spaces, and allow the uninhibited flow of pedestrian traffic at the appropriate times.

We are prepared to assist in the design and implementation of systems and materials that conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as assisting to be sure that other applicable codes are adhered to.

Opening Specialists will work with the owners, design professionals, and builders in the process of providing the most cost effective solutions to the problems associated with each project's unique total openings requirements.

The overall success of a building project will be determined at the end of the building's useful life. Opening Specialists is determined to assure the owners that every building project will ultimately be judged a success.

We strive to achieve this goal by providing informed advice during the design stage, by providing competitive prices for quality products during the bid phase, by supplying those same quality products during the construction phase, and by working with maintenance personnel in assuring that the products supplied will serve the owner throughout the life of the building.

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